SRI VENKATARAMANA TRANSPORTS & LOGISTICS – is the in house transp SRI VENKATARAMANA TRANSPORTS & LOGISTICS – is the in house transportation division and is also a leading fleet operator with over 15 years of experience.We are dedicated to providing the best & trusted transportation service in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka.

We are equipped with a fleet of more than 350 vehicles (LORRIES, TRAILERS, BULKERS, TRACTORS, MOBILE CRANES) to render our service to the highest satisfaction of our customers. We are confident of coming up to all of our customer’s highest expectation of service.

Our main services include transportation and handling of materials, wagon clearing & forwarding, labor contract (Mainly Loading and Unloading of Iron and Steels and other building materials) . Our emphasis is on Safety & Timely delivery with Quality service and to respond rightly to all the needs of our customers.

Infrastructure & Facilities

Everything is available under one roof in our own premises like, Fabrication Unit, Work Shop, Diesel Outlets, Mechanical Department, Stores, Parking Yard, Rest House, and Canteen for Staffs, Drivers, cleaners, etc.

We have custom-made mechanical trailers in different models like single Axles, Double Axles, Triple Axles with hydraulic. We are having 40 & 70 Feet length Multi Axle Trailers. We are also having 12 Wheeler & Bulker’s (for Cement transportation). All vehicles are equipped with GPRS systems and this is monitored and controlled by the logistics department with the help of Vehicle Tracking Systems.

In addition to the above we have mobile Cranes like TATA320, 655, 955, Clarke, Escorts, which gives extra comfort for loading and unloading of materials at site without wasting time and labor. We ahev also deployed Highly experienced and well trained staffs at Headquarter as well as in all the district head quarters to monitor the safety of the vehicle movements


To become a Trusted Leader in transportation across multiple segments and to ensure we build long-lasting customer relationships


To provide the high quality service, timely delivery, fair and competitive price to our customers by continuously increasing cost efficiency. Encourage every team member to give their 100% efforts to fulfill our customer needs.

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